An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

December 02, 2020

As we reflect on 2020 and look with optimism and hope toward 2021, here are a few thoughts to share with you this Holiday Season. These thoughts are primarily mine, but I think a lot of us share some of these same feelings.

Family: At the risk of being cliché, family goes without question and comes first. My hope is that when we look back in a year, we will appreciate the silver lining of spending more time with our nuclear families and the strengthened relationships that resulted from getting through the pandemic together.

Technology: It has allowed us to be connected while we stay safe in our homes. Two years ago most of us hadn’t even heard of Zoom. Now we use it almost every day. While seeing clients face-to-face is always best, the new normal of remote meetings has been a great way to turn some lemons into lemonade.

Routine, a Sense of Purpose and my work family: What that means to me has been the ability to come into our office, see my co-workers face to face, and speak to clients every day on the phone. We spent a lot of time thoughtfully constructing an environment where we felt we could “control what we could control” enough to be as safe as possible. While we have the ability to “pivot” and work remotely, there is a certain energy and collaborative atmosphere in our office. On February 3rd, 2021, Neil and I will be celebrating 24 years together in business. Michelle Papa-Dines has been the glue that holds us together for 15+ years now and our new team member, Shane Murphy is one of the smartest, kindest, hardest working people I have ever met. After a two-year search to find the right person, we did. And who was crazy enough to make a new hire in the middle of a global health pandemic and economic and market crisis? We were!

Our broker-dealer, Commonwealth Financial Network: As our team communicates with clients daily, one of the most repeated themes is our ability to use technology to make our and our clients’ lives easier. Without looking too far in the rear view mirror, we can tell you that if we would have had to go through this pandemic while affiliated with our prior B-D, it would have been a LOT trickier. The support and technology that Commonwealth provides to all of us is tip top. We’re driving the Tesla.

Being outdoors: Here in Central New York State we were blessed with a summer of bountiful sunshine followed by a fall with very few snowflakes and many sunny days. And if you are like me, many of you northerners have made purchases of warmer winter leggings, a few extra layers to go under a winter coat and some colder weather gloves, scarves and hats to maximize the time we can be outdoors over the winter. I’ll take the chance that my husband won’t read this blog so I’ll let you know that under the tree this year will be a shiny new pair of LL Bean Snowshoes in his size.

And finally, “my why” – you, our clients. As I have gained more experience as a financial advisor and business owner it has become increasingly evident to me that my life’s work is “my why”. To be fortunate enough to do the work I do and serve who I do is a blessing that I am thankful for every day. I have known many of you for 30 years or more and some I have only started working with recently. I treasure these relationships old and new and hope I can, in some impactful way, make your lives (financial or otherwise) a little better too. I’ve been coached to not speak in the first person, but in this case, I’m making a little exception. I Thank you!

Happy Holidays!

Rachel Roney, on behalf of our team at Michael Roberts, Shane Murphy, Neil Hoyt and Michelle Papa-Dines