Client Spotlight - Raise the Flag, August 2022

Client Spotlight - Raise the Flag, August 2022

August 12, 2022

What is Raise the Flag?

A “give back” campaign intended to increase awareness of the charities/organizations our clients support. Michael Roberts Associates will be making a $100 donation to each participating organization.

This month we are highlighting the incredible work performed by Jim C. and Empower Parkinson, Inc.

“I have been working with Empower Parkinson’s for almost 4 years now. I started working with their original component-Rock Steady Boxing-which is a program specifically designed to provide a therapeutic avenue for people with Parkinson’s to retrain/rehab neural pathways that are afflicted by the disease. While they do not actually “hit one another’, the boxing motions provide both tactile stimulation and muscle conditioning for the participants. I volunteered as a guide/coach for these participants in a local gym/boxing facility in Liverpool. While I stopped volunteering, during the continuing COVID time, I am now working, virtually, with the Executive Director of Empower and several others on a committee that is researching the local Parkinson’s Disease community with respect to determining what services they need/would benefit from and how Empower can bring these services to the people. We have been meeting for about 6 months now and have been awarded a grant to do a community assessment. Due to COVID, we have been meeting by Zoom and have also been working with Le Moyne College and Upstate Medical University.”

Empower Parkinson, Inc. ~ ~ Facebook Page

Thank you, Jim!