It’s “All in the Farm-ily” for Michelle Papa-Dines!

It’s “All in the Farm-ily” for Michelle Papa-Dines!

September 22, 2020

On any given day when Michelle steps into the office, she’s already tended to 40+ chickens, 30+ pigs, 20+ ducks, 10+ turkeys, twin teen-agers, Richard and Grace, her husband Dan, a multi acre vegetable garden, 3 cats and a dog! It’s that “get it done” attitude that allows her to juggle the multiple balls in the air in terms of taking care of our clients’ service needs.

Need a beneficiary changed? Check

Need us to get your banking information changed on all your investment accounts? Check

Your attorney set up a trust for you and has told you to get it funded by the end of the week? Check

Want to set up a 529 for that new grand baby? Check

Your tax accountant can’t figure out the cost basis on a stock that you’ve owned since 1973? Check

Refinancing your mortgage and the underwriter needs two years of statements by tomorrow at noon? Check

In addition to Michelle’s mind-boggling aptitude for multi-tasking, it’s her empathy and caring that sets her apart from the crowd. In a day when we are all frustrated by 800 numbers, hold times, phone mazes and weak customer service with our cable providers, insurance companies, health care systems, car leasing companies and cell phone companies, Michelle takes the time to really listen and to get to know our clients on a very deep and personal level. She helps celebrate graduations, births, marriages, new homes and career accomplishments, but equally is there to walk with people as they mourn the loss of a loved, come to terms with a difficult health diagnosis or bear the burden of caring for an elder parent with dementia.

In her “spare time” Michelle is also actively involved in the National Great Pyranese rescue organization where she helps facilitate all the aspects of the rescue and adoption process. Her love of both animals and people is evident in everything she does. 2020 marks her 15th year with us and we are so glad to have her as part of our team here at Michael Roberts!

If you want a good laugh, next time you are on the phone with Michelle, ask her about the time a duckling escaped out of the tractor supply box and waddled into Neil’s office!