October 10, 2019

Original Posted March 01, 2019

Dear Friends & Clients,

Welcome to the beginning of March. Here in Syracuse where the winters are long and bitter, we always welcome the dawn of Spring! We want to update all of you on our RIA-Broker Dealer change to Commonwealth Financial. After 27 years with Cadaret, Grant we made the difficult but highly considered decision to make the move to Commonwealth.

We were attracted to Commonwealth for four main reasons:

Reputation for Excellence

The function of a Broker Dealer is primarily to handle all our back-office operations. They provide our technology, process our trades through National Financial, and oversee our compliance. Commonwealth has been setting the standard for excellence in our industry since 1979. The largest of the independently owned Broker Dealers, Commonwealth has a staff of 900 employees serving approximately 1800 advisors. This 1:2 ratio provides us an indispensable and exemplary level of service, so that we can do the same for you. Commonwealth has consistently been ranked at the top of the satisfaction surveys of advisors in our industry. In our short time there, we can already see why everyone is so happy with them…their service has been outstanding!


Among Commonwealth’s 900 employees, approximately 300 work on their technology platform. They have built an integrated web-based system which provides you and us with 24/7 access to your investment information. Our processes have become more streamlined, boosting the speed in which we transact your business. Our feedback from all of you who have been using the online access has been enormously positive!


In addition to the outside research services we access from Morningstar, Argus, and Valueline, Commonwealth has their own in-house group of specialists who provide us with analysis of stocks, funds, the market and the economy. They are also available to us for asset allocation and portfolio construction recommendations.

Advanced Planning

Commonwealth has an in-house team of attorneys and accountants whose capabilities we can tap into for estate planning, taxation and retirement planning questions. They also provide us with business consulting to help our firm ensure that we are running the most efficient, client service-oriented business possible.

The actual process of moving thousands of accounts and hundreds of millions of dollars of entrusted client investments was demanding and challenging for the staff at Michael Roberts. We cannot express how privileged we feel to work with our staff of Bethany, Dick, Gary, Ian, Lois and Michelle, who worked nights and weekends for months to make this happen. Similarly, the transition team at Commonwealth have been helpful beyond measure.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you for your time and patience as we have made this change. Be assured that a move of this cost and complexity is something we would have never undertaken without the firm belief that it enables us to provide you with the best possible service going forward. We look forward to the journey!

All Our Best,

Your Team at Michael Roberts Associates

Neil J. Hoyt

Rachel B. Roney

Jeffrey E. Klein

Sonnet L. Loftus

Paul C. Ahrens

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